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Make your Blog free and earn money


    When you hear the word BLOG you thought of spending money to make a website e.g Purchasing a domain and hosting plan to make a blog website.

    But don’t worry as a beginner, I know it’s very difficult to spend money and also you don’t know blogging is the right career for you or not. If you spend money to make a website and later on you decide that blogging is not the right choice for me and hence waste your money. Because some people thought that they can earn money by blogging but failed to earn and hence quit their job as a blogger.

    So to test the above situation, Google provides us with a FREE platform to make our own blog as a beginner with no money the platform is known as a blogger. You can access the site at Blogger.
    And registered your blog there. Only you need is the Gmail ID. So, If you do not make any email on Gmail so SignUp now .

    Earning Money From Blogger :

    Some People do not believe that the FREE service also gave us money. You can earn as much money as you can but the only thing you need is to stay original i.e not copy paste articles from another website OR also not steal the content of the original author.

    You can read the complete article on Earning Money from Blogger at

    So make yours Free Blog today and Start Earning



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