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3 Simple Steps for an Effective Goal Setting

    Every Person in this World have some Goals to achieve something big in their life but some People achieve it while some people can’t achieve their Goals due to their own failure

     “The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live.”

    Where The Goals Come From Usually?

    Usually, Goal Comes from these ways

    1- Seeing Others:

    Mostly of Peoples goals comes from seeing other i.e by seeing someone who achieves something in their life and makes their life successful. They want to achieve their life equal to or greater than them. These people are usually inspired by someone’s life and they want to follow them as an ideal.

    2- Seeing their Parent/Elders:

    Most of the Goals come from by seeing their parents life usually they want to achieve more than parents. So that’s why usually whose parents are doctors their sons are also a doctor.

    3-Setting Unique Goals by imagining something:

    These are only a few Peoples that achieve their Goals by imagining something they want to achieve in their life and hence become very successful.

    Which types Of Goals are Successful?


    Make Goal that have some “meaning”. Meaning means which can be defined in words. Don’t look at the scope of the Goal because if you think different then maybe the scope of that Goal doesn’t exist.


    The  Measurable means something in which we can count that in how many days, months or year this Goal can be achieved. Or we can make any prediction about it.


    Don’t make such Goal which does not make any sense or can’t be achieved in real-life or impossible to achieve.

    So, Start Finding your Goals Now  🙂

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