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difference of skill and degree
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Difference between Skill and Degree- Which is better?


    In modern days people need skillful people rather than degree-specific people because they want to earn money. As the world is changing day by day and hence new Skill arises. Peoples keep updating their Skill according to the demand of the world so they can earn more in the online world.


    The degree is a bookish Knowledge that you learn from University or any Institute to become professional in a specific field in a specific duration of time usually 4-5 years. After that, you have to gain some experience in your’s field and then you become able to earn something for yourself at the office or any company.


    Skill is not something for which you get a Specific degree and then become a professional like Engineering. Doctor etc. It is knowledge of something that you want to sell for the purpose of earning money and become self-employed. And it is “Free Of Cost” as a beginner. You can learn anything from Free Tutorial available on YouTube and also paid courses also available on Udemy. And there is no learning age of Skill only you need to understand the Knowledge about uses and techniques of tools in that software. And you can do Online work at home easily.


    Which is better?

    I think according to changing world people now preferred doing Online Job rather they go to the office to do something for their boss and learn nothing and earn a fixed amount (Salary). But I preferred to do both (online job as a part-time job) and afterwards if you earn stable money(If you can meet your own and your family’s needs) from an online job then you can switch to the online job.


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