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Things to Review Before You Bid

    Want to become successful in Freelancing World? Then the first thing you have to know about the Bidding on Projects. Here are the few Things you must Review Before You Bid.

    Many peoples who are new in Freelancing must have the knowledge so that they can get the job on any Freelancing websites. The most important process of getting a job is bidding Or submitting a proposal for any Job. So, in this article, I am going to tell you about how you can bid Properly and Effectively on any job so it can increase the chance of your’s hiring or winning a project.

    I choose the project from the website “” but it can be applied on any Freelancing Websites

    Why I chose this Project And why this project appropriate to bid for me:

    Reason 1 : (Time of Posted)

    Look at the posted time of this project. As it just posted 10 mints ago. So, this is project is right to bid on it.

    Note: The Highlighted box is shown in YELLOW COLOUR

    Reason 2 : (Verified Profile)

    As this user has a verified profile (verified payment method) so it creates another reason to bid on.

    Note: Highlighted box is shown in RED COLOUR

    Reason 3 : (Feedback)

    As this user receives 100% feedback from their previous work so it is the right choice to bid on it

    Note: The highlighted box is shown in BLUE COLOUR

    Reason 4 : (My Skill)

    As I am Skilled in HTML so this Project matches my expertise so that’s why this project is perfect for me

    Note: As Described by its Title and Description of this project


    Reason 4 : (Hired)

    As this Employer “0” hired in this project so this Employer is still in the process to find the FreeLancer. I can bid in this project to  get its job so this project is perfect to bid on it

    Note: Highlighted box shown in GREEN COLOUR


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