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Importance of “Alt Text of Image” in SEO

    You might wonder How or Why “Alt text of image” is an important factor in SEO of “website” or “a web page”?

    But let me first tell you about the use of “Alt text(Alternate text)” on the website.


    As we publish the article and then upload an image/images of that particular article. The user read that article from the website. Let suppose the user read that article but they have some problem with his internet and in that case, the article shows but the picture failed to load the picture looks like


    In that case, the user didn’t see what’s in that particular picture 

    The same case with the Google bot(Crawler), when they crawl a website in case your’s website fails to load and the Google bot only sees your article not the picture and hence they feel same and Google penalize your web article and hence it failed to gain exposure on Google Search and hence failed your SEO of article page. And the same case with “Website Page”

     Where do we see to add alt text of Image?

    After when we add image through any CMS(content management system), use to upload and manage content e.g WordPress, it gave us the notification of adding image “Alt text”.

    Adding Alt text in Blogger: 

    When we insert an image into Blogspot Click Image>Properties>Add “alt text” 

    (If you do not understand See Procedure below in Video Demonstration Section)

    Adding Alt text in WordPress:

    When we insert an image into the WordPress site 
    Click on Image> Click Setting icon>Add “alt text”

    (If you do not understand See Procedure below in Video Demonstration Section)

    Video Demonstration :  


    Modern Website use AI in creating “Alt text”:

    Modern Website such as Facebook uses AI (Artificial intelligence) System to identify or Predict what is the picture is about. If we have a poor internet connection and picture failed to load then it shows Alt text of image which is created by Artificial Intelligence System of Facebook e.g below image

    AI system of Facebook
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