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Exporting an Image

    Doing some work and saving it is not enough for us until we Export it to some final work in the form of an image.

    As you know the image can be exported in many formats so in this method we are simply focused on How To Export image in PNG or JPG format in Photoshop for your understanding.

    Before getting started you know about Opening a New File in Photoshop

    So lets move towards our main topic

    To Export image in Photoshop you must have to do some work in order to save it .

    Lets just say we Open a File of Image in Photoshop

    And want Export it as an Image i.e in JPG or PNG format. Then the method of Exporting it is

    Method of Exporting an Image:

    File >> Export >>Export As

    prcedure of Eporting image

    After Clicking on Export As following screen appear

    Export as screen

    Select the File format in the right drop down menu .

    Choosing File format in Export Menu
    Choosing JPG format for saving

    As i select JPG format to Export the image from the menu

    Now Click on Export All button to Export image

    Clicking on Export all button

    Now select the Destination Folder i,e Where you want to Save Image .

    Edit Name of Exporting Image

    As i select Desktop as a destination of saving my image.And after selecting folder rename File Name of image

    Note: You must save the file name properly in according with the name of your work so that you find it easily in future

    So , here is my Image Finally Exported

    Image Exported

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