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Move Tool

Do you want to move objects in Photoshop?

In Photoshop, more then 50% of work is done by moving Objects around on the Photoshop screen and moving layers in most of the cases

So, in this topic we discuss the use of Move tool of Photoshop in complete detail

Before you start you must look at the topic Understanding the Interface

Move Tool Basics:

As it is defined by its name move tool is one of the basic and one of the important tools in Photoshop.It is present in Right side of Photoshop Screen in the ToolBar Section

Note : In this topic we particularly discuss about moving objects for yours simplicity

Shortcut for Move Tool :

Simply Press “V” to activate Move tool by shortcut

Working of Move Tool:

For the working and understanding of Move tool let just take a example as we can see image below

importing green squares picture

And also import another two images of black box as we can see blow just like i import one picture in below picture

import one black box image

Now try to move the black square inside the green square. Just for the practice to understand the move tool

moving black box picture to green squares

As i move the square inside the image

Note: I have attached these images below to download. Or you can Click here to go to the download link

Extra Functions with Special key:

Special Type of keys means that I am talking about using tools with ALT, SHIFT OR CTRL. Which perform the particular functions with tools sometimes which is very useful

Using ALT key with Move Tool:

ALT key is very helpful with the move tool. By pressing the ALT key we can make the duplicate of the subject which we want to move and place the same object on another place

using ALT key with move tool picture

E.g- In our case, we can move the black box by pressing the ALT and place its duplicate to the other green block without opening another image which saves a lot of time for us.

Using SHIFT key with Move Tool:

When you are using the move tool, if you hold down the shift key it will move your object in a true horizontal or a true vertical to its original location.

The following picture when pressing SHIFT the we can move the image in the following direction only i.e not freely just like we move picture around the screen when pressing shift it restrict movement of the picture to these direction only

Using SHIFT key with move tool in photoshop picture

Pictures used in this Document :

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[wpdm_package id=’673′]

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