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Saving a Source File of your work

    After doing work in Photoshop you need to save your work Source File in Photoshop. It does not relate with Exporting an Image in a Photoshop

    Saving a Project means Saving yours work in Photoshop for future use or if you want to send it to someone else. The source file extension is.PSD in Photoshop.Which is also known as the source file of your work.

    So.lets move toward our main topic of saving your work file or Project File in Photoshop

    Method of Saving a Project:

    The method of Saving Project is same as saving File in the other Program

    File>> Save As

    picture of Photoshop with save button disable

    But as we open a File menu the Save As option is disable so the reason is actually because you must need to do some work in Photoshop in order to save it.

    So,as a example let just quickly open some file in Photoshop for this tutorial

    As i show this in my Previous tutorial of : Opening a File

    import a sample image in photoshop

    Note: In above Picture i just import Sample Image to show you how it works

    If we open the menu again the Save As button appears as shown below

    Saving a Project or Source file in Photoshop menu

    Now to Save File click on Save As option in the menu .And then the following window appear

    save as window in photoshop

    Name the Project Or Work File according to your’s choice

    Note: You must Save the File with a specific name related to that Project in order to remember it for future use.

    You must also need to know about Interference of Photoshop

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